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While in Sri Lanka you always have a slew of accmmodation options to choose from. You can pick up any of these based on your preference and of course pocket. You have the options of hotels, eco villages, heritage homes, medication centres, villas and guest houses. You just put up your luggage there and they would take care of all your needs.

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Acomodation in Sri Lanka
Concept of Eco Village or Eco Safari is continuously gaining ground in Sri Lanka. People who are fed up with the hectic lifestyle of big towns turn to villages to recharge themselves. Learn about eco villages in Sri Lanka. Eco villages have been continuously gaining popularity in Sri Lanka. They have become very popular now. Sri Lanka is a country with beautiful and impressive nature and this has helped eco villages evolve in the country.

Accommodation in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has all kinds of hotels for you. Those ready to loosen their their purse strings can go for luxury hotels while the people with shoe-string budgets can opt for the budget hotels. Hotels are available in all tourist places.

Acomodation in Sri Lanka
Villas are for the people who want to pass their holidays in luxury. Located far from the hustle and bustle of cities, you can relax in these villas forgetting all your burdens for some time. Have refreshing vacations in the villas.

Sri Lanka Accomodation
Historical structures which have been turned into places of acommodation are called Heritage Homes. These are continuously finding more favour among the tourists, particularly those who are willing to dole out more money.

Accommodation in Sri Lanka
You want to return to your working table fully refreshed. Then meditation centres are the right places for you. Learned monks would teach you meditation techniques and Buddhist philosophy would provide you mental calm.

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