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In Sri Lanka, you are never short of activities which keep you busy and entertained ever. You can try your patience in such a long array of adventure games, benefit from Ahyurvedic traditions in any of the healing resorts, pass some valuable time in eco tourism and even have gentle yet entertaining sports like cycling. Indulge in any of the sports and you would have a time you would remember long after you have left the country.

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Activities in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka offers plethora of adventure options. One can enjoy games like canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, trekking, hiking, rock climbing, para gliding and ballooning. All these would satisfy adventurous urge in you. Sri Lanka has enough to charge your sense of adventure. Your adventuous time in Sri Lanka would be highly rewarding. And you would visit Sri Lanka several times to enjoy these adventurous activities.

Sri Lanka Activities
Eco Tourism, a new concept, has grown popular in Sri Lanka. Brimming with natural places Sri Lanka has lots of opportunities for anyone who is interested in eco tourism. In eco tourism you can enjoy yourself without harming nature.

Planning Activities in Sri Lanka
You can enjoy slew of sports in Sri Lanka. Facilities are available to play games like golf, scuba diving, snorekelling, surfing and rugby. National Cycle Route, passing through rural landscapes gives you the feel of real Lanka.

Activities in Sri Lanka
Ayurvedic traditions in Sri Lanka have developed under the influence of India. Sri Lankan Ayurvedic traditions are amalgamation of Indian systems of Ayurveda and Siddha. Ayurvedic art of healing is practised here.

Sri Lanka Activities
Once in Sri Lanka you can adventurous sports like hiking and trekking. The island has something to offer for all. The novice, middle-level and experienced; all have their own options here. You just have to choose from them.

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