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Adam's Peak

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Adams Peak Adam's Peak is distinct because it is held sacrosanct by the followers of four religions: Buddhism, Hindus, Christians and Muslims. The peak obtrudes sharply skywards from the verdant forests of south-western Sri Lanka. Adam's Peak is also knwon as Samanalakande or the 'butterfly mountain' because of so many butterflies. The mountain seems more impressive from the seaside. Certain parts of the track leading up the mountain are extremely steep.

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What People Believe?
Buddhists consider the mark to be the footprint of Buddha which left behind as he walked away from the Adam's Bridge. The Hindus take it to be the footprint of Lord Shiva. Christians relate the footprints to Saint Thomas. Muslims think them to be of Adam.

Atop The Peak
Atop the peak is a platform (74 x 24 feet) where is located a small Buddhist temple and the shrine of Saman with the strange footprint.

History of the Peak
Long before these religions evolved, the mountain was worshipped by Veddas, the aboriginal inhabitants of Sri Lanka. Their named the peak Samanala Kanda; Saman being one of the four guardian deities of the island. During the course of history it was visited by several world travellers them the Arab Ibn Batuta (1304-1368) and the Venetian Marco Polo (1254-1324).

When to Go
Pilgrimage season is from December to May, most busy in January and February. You can visit at other times of year too, but it would be difficult to climb because of mist and rain.

Northern Route
From Colombo go to Nuwara Eliya and then to Hatton passing through tea plantations. Take busses, three-wheeler or taxi to Dalhousie, 33 km south-west of Hatton. You can see Adam's Peak most of the way from Hatton. You would take 2½ to 4 hours to climb. It would be nice to start the trek around 3AM in morning. The first signs of famous dawn comes around 6 and sunrise is usually between 6.30 and 7. Don't forget to take plenty of clothes or you would shiver.

Southern Route
Then route akes at least 7 hours, actually more than this. However locals prefer this because of more merit associated with it. Go to Ratnapura from Colombo and then take a taxi or bus to Carney Estate. After the village, the path up the mountain side through rainforest is extremely tirering. If you are fond of tough trekking you might like this.

Wathsala Inn, Green House and Yellow House are few places to stay here.

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