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Sri Lanka Banks With the growning economy, banking facilities in Sri Lanka have also enhanced. The country is in the increasing need of sophisticated banking to meet the needs of the growing business community. Banks of Sri Lanka have been constantly updating their banking philosophy to fulfil the expectations of their customers. They are coming up with new products to meet the aspirations of the changing times. Their working hours have also become more flexible. Some banks also offer night banking facilities. The banks are closed in weekends, public holidays and special bank holidays on June 30 and December 31.

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Activities of Banks
Banks in Sri Lanka do all activities which are usually done in banks. One can get an account opend, deposit or withdraw money, get drafts, travellers cheques or pay orders made. However credit cards are not common in Sri Lanka. People still believe in good old tradition of saving money and spending as less a possible. Sri Lanka is a growing economy and banks are continuously expanding. Branches have been opened in remote places where, few years before, there was no existence of anything like banking.

Banking in Remote Places
One can take loans from the banks. However, basic requirements would have to be completed. Documents usually needed are address proof and identity proof. Few foreign banks operate in Sri Lanka and one has to be careful while using credit cards there. ATMs are not ubiquitos as in the US or western countries. Capital Columbo and few main cities can have ATMs but it would be difficult to find them in remote places. Similarly before going places you should ensure that you have sufficient amount of cash. Suppose your credit cards go useless and you are unable to get travellers cheque encashed you might land in problem.

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