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Enjoy the virtual tour of Sri Lankan cities with SAARC Tourism. We would take you to every city of Sri Lanka help you enjoy the tourist places there, tell you about the things these cities are famous for and that way make the most of your tour. All towns of Sri Lanka have something or the other for the visitors. Some are historically important, some are gifted by nature while some have modern ways of enjoying life.

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Sri Lanka Cities

Anuradhapura which served as the capital of Sri Lanka from 5th century BC to AD 1017 is the birthplace of Sinhala civilisation. Anuradhapura had become an advanced civilisation in early times. Traders of Anuradhapura traded all round the world.


Cities of Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lankan capital, is the international gateway to Sri Lanka. The metropolis has number of historically important places. Colombo is rich when it comes to scenic beauty and with the modern times new means of entertainment have come in Colombo.


Sri Lankan Towns

Famous ancient cave temple complex has highlighted Dambulla on the world tourist map. The rock inside which the temples are carved out towers 160m over the neighborhood plains. The complex has more than 80 documented caves all appreciated by tourists.


Sri Lanka Cities

Galle is situated in southern coastline of Sri Lanka, 116km far from the capital Colombo. Most famous among the attractions of Galle is UNESCO declared World Heritage Site the Dutch Fort. Several colonial buildings would give you a feeling as if you are in Dutchland.


Sri Lanka City Travel

Hikkaduwa is one of the most popular beach resorts in Sri Lanka. Specially popular among western travellers, Hikkaduwa offers wonderful waves for both the uninitiated and experienced surfers. The place offers good facilities for sea adventures.


Sri Lanka Towns

Kitulgala is a picturesque town on the banks of Kelani River, particularly famous for White Water Rafting. The town derives its name from strangely prehistoric-looking kitul tree, which abounds the region. Many of the resorts here have colonial aire.


Sri Lanka City Guide

Kandy is famous as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. The town hosts tourist attractions like Temple of Tooth and Old Royal Palace. City which came into existence in 15th century was the last royal capital where 2500 years of royal rule came to an end.


Cities of Sri Lanka

Kurunegala is the capital of yesteryears, overlooked by colossal rocky outcrops named on the animals they resemble: elephant rock, tortoise rock etc. Etagala, a black rock, is the most famous among these rocks. Kurunegala was capital only for half a century.


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Matara, comfortably perched 160km from Colombo in its southern part, attracts the tourists for its natural scenic beauty. In Matara, one can stroll through lush paddy fields, aromatic tea estates and and fragrant spice plantations. Matara is centreplace in the southern province.

Mount Lavinia

Cities in Sri Lanka

Mount Lavinia, a famous beach resort of Sri Lanka, is a suburb of Colombo. The town hosts Sri Lanka's National Zoological Gardens, one of the largest zoos in Asia. The town is known for 'Golden Mile' of beaches. The town has become a hotspot for tourism and laidback nightlife.


Sri Lanka City Travel

Negombo is a popular beach resort. Its proximity to the airport announces that Negobo is an ideal place to either commence or end your tour of Sri Lanka. Sea food of Negombo is famous for its freshness. One can relax on idyllic beaches and soak in lovely sunsets.

Nuwara Eliya

Towns of Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya is the most renowned hill resort in Sri Lanka. Producing famous Ceylon tea, the waving mountains of Nuwara Eliya are carpeted by green tea plantations, punctuated with bubling streams. The town is overlooked by Pidurutalagala, highest hill in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Town Guide

Polonnaruwa was once the most important town of Sri Lanka for it served as the capital of the country. The town has ancient dagobas, nice parks, moonstones, colossal structures and elegant statues. Today UNESCO has declared Polonnaruwa a World Heritage Site.


Sri Lanka Cities

Perched at the foot of Sri Pada or Adam's Peak Ratnapura is famous or gem mining and natural beauty. If you like natural beauty, Ratnapura would offer a string of waterfalls and lush forests. Sri Pada, Uda Walawe National Park and Sinharaja Forest have nature in full glory.


Sri Lanka City Guide

Architectural tradition of Sri Lanka is lively in Sri Lanka. History of Sigiriya harks back to more than 7000 years. Rock, Gardens and Sanctuary make Sigiriya famous. Sigiriya gardens are the fusion of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements, appreciated by the visitors.


Cities of Sri Lanka

Architectural tradition of Sri Lanka is lively in Sri Lanka. History of Sigiriya harks back to more than 7000 years. Rock, Gardens and Sanctuary make Sigiriya famous. Sigiriya gardens are the fusion of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements, appreciated by the visitors.

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