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Cultural Triangle in Sri LankaCultural Triangle of Sri Lanka is made of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruva, and Kandy as three corners, with Sigiriya in the center. All four towns hold the ancient assets of Sri Lanka. Cultural Triangle is the best way to know the culture and heritage of Sri Lanka. The monastery complexes at Anuradhapura, ruined palaces of Polonnaruwa, cave temple at Dambulla and the gardens of Sigiriya tell the tale of the rich history of Sri Lanka. UNESCO has taken the responsibility of preserving these sites under the Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle Project.

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Kandy, a major tourist destination in the country, is also called the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. The town has eminent tourist attractions like the Temple of Tooth and the Old Royal Palace. The city which came into existence in the 15th century was the last royal capital where 2500 years of royal rule culminated. Here you can tour elegant historict sites, enjoy song dances, buy keepsakes and indulge in adventure activities. Kandy is a nice transit point to tour cultural north or hilly south.

Anuradhapura, considered the most sacred town of Sri Lanka, can be termed the birthplace of Sinhala civilisation. It served as the capital of Sri Lanka continuously from the 5th century BC to AD 1017. When many parts of the world were coming out of the stone age, Anuradhapura had already become an advanced civilisation. Traders of the city traded all round the world, people had sophisticated systems of man-made lakes and canals and structure of the town was well-planned. Renowned monk travellers Fa Hien and Buddha Ghosha of the 5th century have also mentioned Anuradhapura in their relics.

Polonnaruwa, second medieval capital of Sri Lanka after Anuradhapura was devastated, is the best preserved town of the country. It posseses ancient dagobas, nice parks, moonstones, colossal structures and elegant statues. Polonnaruwa of today is among the best planned archaeological sites of the country. It testimonies the creativity of the monarchs of the island. The town has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Sigiriya preserves the architectural heritage of the country. History of the town takes us back to more than 7000 years. The town is well-known for its Rock, Gardens and Sanctuary. Sigiriya gardens are the fusionof symmetrical and asymmetrical elements. Detailed planning has been undertaken for laying these gardens. One can have a wonderful day in the sanctuary of Sigiriya. Many experienced tourists call Sigiriya the most favourable place in Sri Lanka to travel. The Rock of Sigiriya is called the Lion's Rock.

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