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Eco Tourism in Sri Lanka Ecotourism is the theme of new tourism in Sri Lanka. The country has wide and vibrant source of ecotourism. It is a tool to conserve the environment and offer maximum economic benefits to the host country. It satisfies all three, those who are in need of employment, people working for conservation for environment and tourists who want to frolic in the lap of nature. While in ecotourism in Sri Lanka you can tour genuine sites without harming the sustainability of the destination.

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While eco touring in Sri Lanka you have plethora of activities for your family. Options are many: Wildlife Safaris, Bird Watching, Hiking, Trekking, Photography, Cycling, Nature Trails, Snorekelling and many more. You can relax in a long tranquil beach or trek to nature forest reserves. While in Sri Lanka, you can enjoy yourself fully in the lap of nature. Various travel companies in Sri Lanka are now offfering eco tourism packages catering to every budget.

Sri Lanka has the highest biodiversity per 10,000 square km in Asia. All this land provides different wildlife oppurtunities and variety of landscapes. You would also find in Sri Lanka remnants of ancient civilisation. Sri Lanka hosts innumerable cultural sites of antiquity. Six sites in Sri Lanka have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Sri Lanka has got plentiful and varied wildlife. It being an island makes it naturally isolated from other countries. Tropical climate and geographical location gives Sri Lanka some unique type of plants. Natural isolation from other countries pronounces that the island has high endemicity among its fauna. Sri Lanka is most famous for its elephant herds. Leopards are also popular presentation of Lankan wildlife. You can enjoy turtles for hours in the coastal areas. For people interested in birdwatching the country would be pure delight. Even the persons least interested in wildlife can find themselves charged. For hundreds of years nature in the forests of Sri Lanka has remained unchanged. 12% of the country has been designated by the authorities for conservation of wildsife.

National Parks
Ruhaun National Park at Yala is the best known national park in Sri Lanka. The Park is known for its elephants who wander in big and small herds. Leopard and sloth bear are main attraction in Wilpattu National park. Established in 1954, Gal Oya National Park gives home to about 30 species of animals. About 150 species of birds are also found in this park. Located 170km off Colombo Uda Walawe National Park is known for providing home to elephants, various species of deer, monkeys, jackal, water buffalo and wild boar. , Madhu Oya National Park is the home of creatures like Sambhur, Purple Monkey, reptiles and birds. Designated as a National Park in 1988, Horton Plains National Park is comprised of cloud forests embedded in wet grasslands. Bundala National Park offers large variety of aquatic birds feed on the harvest of numerous lagoons in the park.

Sri Lanka Eco TourismBird Sanctuaries
Kumana, Wirawila, Bundala and Kalametiya are more known bird sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. Their location on Sri Lanka's extreme south eastern coast and abundance of lagoons and swamps declares that these have become the preferred residence of waterbirds. You can find large flocks of both resident and migrant aquatic birds.Two highland sanctuaries are Udawattakele and Peak Wilderness.

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage
Put up in 1975, Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, located 90km off Colombo, has developed as the world's most successful elephant breeding centre. A major attraction for eco tourism lovers, it has the largest captive herd in the world.

Dehiwala Gardens
National Zoological Gardens, located at Dehiwala, is renowned for rich assemblage of beasts, birds, reptiles and fish all over the world. Aquarium of Dehiwala Gardens offers over 500 varieties of aquatic life. The Zoological Gardens also hosts attractions like Aviary, Reptilium, Butterfly Park.

Botanic Gardens
Three botanic gardens in Sri Lanka are located in Peradeniya, Hakgala and Henarathgoda.

Sinharaja world heritage forest
Singharaja Forest Reserve, most well-known rainforest in Sri Lanka, is a living heritage. The forest has very rich biodiversity. Most vegetation in this forest is endemic to the country.

Several hill chains in Sri Lanka are interspersed by waterfalls and streams. Particularly mentionable are at Wetlands, Muthurajawela, Bolgoda Lake, Hakgala, Gampaha and Peradeniya.

Two famous museums of Sri Lanka are National Museum and Natural History Museum, both located at Colombo.

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