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Sri Lanka flag has two vertical stripes of equal size in saffron and green colors, to the left. To the right of the stripes is a gold lion passant in crimson background, with a sword in its right fore paw. Ringing the background is a yellow border, with four golden bo leaves in each corner. The flag of Sri Lanka is also known as Lion Flag. The lion symbol was used by the Lankan rulers from the time of King Vijaya. Sri Lanka flag keep the country united and integrates majority with the minority.

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Flag of Sri Lanka was adopted in 1950. A committee appointed by the 1st Prime Minister of Sri Lanka D.S. Senanayake recommended it being adopted.

Lion Sinhalese ethnicity
Green color Islamic minority
Orange color Hindu Tamils
Leaves Buddhism
Sword Authority and sovereignity of the Republic

Symbol Represents
The lion The Sinhalese ethnicity
The bo leaves Buddhism and its influence on the nation. They also stand for the four virtues of Kindness, Friendliness, Happiness and Equanimity.
The sword of the lion The sovereignty of the nation
The tail of the lion The noble eightfold path of Buddhism
The curly hair on the lion's head Religious observance, wisdom and meditation
The beard of the lion Purity of words
The handle of the sword The elements of water, fire, air and earth
The nose of the lion Intelligence
The two front paws of the lion Purity in handling wealth.
The vertical orange stripe The Tamil ethnicity
The vertical green stripe The Muslim faith and Moorish ethnicity
The yellow border round the flag The Buddhist clergy
The crimson background Other minor religions

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