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Heritage Homes in Sri Lanka Ancestral houses of Sri Lankan royals and affluent families have been turned into heritage homes. Most of these heritage homes are located in countryside. are generally ancestral houses of well-to-do Sri Lankan families. Owners of these heritage homes enjoy sharing their homes with foreign visitors. Post retirement they return to their homes in countriside and play host to their guests.

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Simple Accommodation with Hospitality
Owners of these heritage homes are steeped in knowledge of the area and have an excellent command of the English language. Heritage homes provide simple yet comfortable accommodation, and as you enter their home, you should be ready to appreciate the character, style and idiosyncrasies of the family and architecture. The hosts are extremely hospitable to their guests. Their staff and forefathers have often been associated with the household for generations. They would also treat you with lot of regard.

Meals with Host Family
Having dinner with the host family would be a nice experience for you. It would be taken with the family and have conventional Sri Lankan food. However if you prefer western taste it would be taken care of. Cooks in these heritage homes like to show their culinary skills. Elegant homes, often ringed by orchards, plantations and well-tended gardens, allow you to spend evenings strolling, listening to birdsong or lazing on candlelit galleries. You can choose from plethora of heritage homes and see whether they suit your tastes and preferences.

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