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Sri Lanka Hill StationsContrasting other regions of Sri Lanka, the Hill Country or the Central highlands offer pleasant cool climate. The hilly slopes are carpeted by tea plantations which creates a distinct aroma on mixing with fresh air. The Central Highlands have rich list of tourist destinations. The Lankan citizens also love to visit hill country for it gives them respite from hot humid tropical climate. So visit the hill country in Sri Lanka and enjoy gala time here.

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Nuwara Eliya
Nuwara Eliya is the most famous hill resort in Sri Lanka, nestled at the altitude of 2000 metres. Land of the famous Ceylon tea, the rolling mountains of Nuwara Eliya are carpeted by green tea plantations, punctuated with dancing streams and waterfalls. This scenic town is overlooked by Pidurutalagala, the highest mountain in Sri Lanka. It was once favorite hill station of the British in Sri Lanka.

Waterfalls of Sri Lanka are matchless jewels of nature. The country has more than hundred major picturesque waterfalls all capable of arousing the aesthetic sensibility of the visitors. In addition to these there are so many minor ones. These waterfalls, which are the jewels of the nature, rejuvenate the onlookers. Sri Lanka has largest number of waterfalls in the world in comparison to its size. The falls are fed by two half-yearly monsoons.

Horton Plains
Horton Plains is the highest plateau in Sri Lanka. The second and third highest mountains in Sri Lanka namely Kirigalpotta & Thotupola are within the boundaries of the park. With annual rain of about 5000mm Horton Plains is the most important catchments area of the country. Three major rivers of the country Kelani, Walawe & Mahaweli have their origin in Horton Plains. Period between January to March is slightly dry. High altitude makes the area comparatively cold. The area is rich in flora and fauna. Leopard, Sambhur and wild boar are the most common large mammals in Horton Plains.

Sri Pada
Sri Pada is distinct because it is held sacred by the followers of four religions: Buddhism, Hindus, Christians and Muslims. The peak lifts sharply skywards from the verdant forests of south-western Sri Lanka. Sripada is also called as Samanalakande or the 'butterfly mountain' because of so many butterflies. The mountain is more impressive from the seaside. Certain parts of the track leading up the mountain are very steep. Watching the sunrise here is a memorable sight.

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