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Mount Lavinia, a well-known beach resort of Sri Lanka, is a suburb of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. It is located directly south of Colombo along the Galle Road artery which runs along the coast down to the south of the country. The town hosts Sri Lanka's National Zoological Gardens, reputed as one of the largest zoos in Asia. The town is renowned for its 'Golden Mile' of beaches, stretching for miles. The town has now become a hotspot for tourism and laidback nightlife.

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Tourist Beach Resort
Fame of Mount Lavinia is as a tourist beach resort and a middle class residential suburb. The town has chick hotels, bars, malls and stylish entertainment centres. The residents of the city are used to live in modern style. The town has plenty of hotels catering to all type of budgets. One can visit the beaches any time of day and indulge in plenty of water sports.

Relaxing and Sunbathing
If you want to relax and sunbath, you can have that too. Mount Lavinia is a liberal region of Sri Lanka and people are tolerant even of those practices which are not in sync with traditional style of Sri Lanka. Mount Lavinia also boasts of rich history. The town has developed around the residence of Sir Thomas Maitland who was the Governor General of Ceylon from 1805-1811.

Most well-known among the places of accommodation is Mount Lavinia Hotel owing legacy to Sri Lanka's colonial heritage.

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