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Museums of Sri Lanka Colombo
Various museums dispersed all over Sri Lanka depict the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. These museums give an insight into evolution of cilivlisation in the country. Visitors to these museums can very well understand the times of the past in Sri Lanka.

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National Museum
National Museum is the oldest and largest Museum in the country, established in 1877. Famous for its collection of antiques and objects displaying the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka., it is first public museum of Sri Lanka. National treasures and art facts from all parts of the island have been collected in the national museum. A Puppetry and Children's Museum are within the museum. It also hosts 4,000 plus ancient palm leaf manuscripts and 500,000 valuable books. Closed on Fridays.

The Dutch Period Museum
Five erstwhile elite houses have been transformed as the 'Dutch House'. The building was refurbished between 1977 and 1981. Distinct architectural features of a colonial Dutch town house can be seen in the structure. The museum enables one to look at Dutch legacy viz furniture, ceramics, coins, arms etc. portrays facets of contemporary life and culture. The museum was opened to general public in 1982.

National Museum of Natural History
Natural heritage of Sri Lanka can be witnessed here. The mammals and the birds are showcased in dioramas. Sections are devoted on Applied Botany, Geology and Fossils and the Natural Environment. A scale model in relief shows the topography of a part of Sri Lanka.

Bandaranaike Museum
The museum has photographs, objects and documents portraying the life and times of the late Prime Minister, S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike. Visitors can hear recordings of some of his famous speeches.

The Cultural Museum has the artefacts reflecting the art and culture of the Southern Province. The National Maritime Museum is established within the Fort of Galle in a colonial Dutch ware-house with impressive pillars. This museum showcases the fauna & flora of the ocean. Preserved material and scale models of whales and fish are displayed. The museum tries to cover all resources of the sea.

Sri Lanka MuseumsKandy
Located on the backside of the Temple of the Tooth, it is in a building of historical and architectural interest. The museum offers information about the Kandyan period (17th-18th century).

The National Museum of Ratnapura is located on the Colombo Road in Ratnapura. The museum displays the prehistory of Sri Lanka. Process of gem-mining is showed through a model. Few artefacts displayed here, reflect distinct arts & culture of the Sabaragamuwa Province.

The Folk Museum has the assemblage of artefacts reflecting the rural life of the North Central Province.

Archaeological Museums
Archaeological museums have been established by the Archaeological Department in Anuradhapura (ancient city), Isurumuniya, Kataragama, Mihintale, Veheragala, Vavuniya, Deegavapiya, Jaffna, Sigiriya, Kandy, Dedigama, Yapahuwa, Panduwasnuwara, Kotte and Matara.

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