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Negombo TravelNegombo, located on the western coast of Sri Lanka, is a beautiful beach resort. Its proximity to the airport announces that Negobo is an ideal place to either commence or end your tour of Sri Lanka. Sea food of Negombo is famous all over Lanka for its freshness. One can relax on idyllic beaches, soak in unbelievable sunsets and enjoy delicious seafood. However, the town itself has little of peculiar interest. The tourist area lies about 3km north of the town.

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You have the luxury of making the fine sandy beaches of Negombo completely yourselves. Some beaches are used by fishermen while some are maintained by hotels. Most hotels and private vendors provide equipment for water sports like diving and wind surfing. Those who are novice to diving can take training from diving schools.

Tourist Attractions
Main attractions in Negombo are old church buildings and fisheries port. If you chance to be in Negombo at the correct time, you can also enjoy feasts dedicated to various saints. Muthurajawela Marsh near the lagoon is the largest marsh in Sri Lanka. In the marshland one can come in close contact with crocodiles, heron and macaque monkeys. A unique wetland habitat, it is visited with scores of eco enthusiasts. The Buddhist Temple depicts various Buddhist events.

On day excursions one can visit tile factories to the north of the town. Kelaniya Buddhist Temple, located 20km south of the town, is also a popular attraction. Every January, religious cultural pageantry is held in the temple. Fine wall paintings of the temple are specially acclaimed.

Negombo in Sri LankaLegacy of the Europeans
In past, Negombo has been ruled by the Portugese, Dutch, and the British. Remnants of the colonial period lie in many places. Beautiful canals constructed by the Dutch and the churches built by the Portugese remind us of the colonial times. The Portuguese also built a fort guarding the lagoon. Negombo has slew of these interesting sites. Do take some time off and ride a bike or walk to enjoy these places.

Marine Life
Coast of Negombo is rich in marine life. Although motorized naval vehicles are available here, you can see fishermen using canoes and catamarans to bring up ther catch onto beach. Marine life in Negombo includes blue-ringed angels, starfish and barracuda.

Night Life
One can eat, drink or dance of the night in hotels, restaurants and night clubs in the beach strip, commonly called 'Beach Side'.

How To Reach
Negombo is just 10km off the Bhandarnaike International Airport. There is no dearth of means like cars, taxis and buses to reach the town.

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