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Sinharaja Forest Sinharaja Rain Forest, declared a natural world heritage site and a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is an undisturbed and distinct lowland rain forest in Sri Lanka. Covering the area of about 11187 hectares, the humid evergreen forest is located in the southwest zone of the country. Sinharaja has got the average annual temperature of 23.6%. It receives rainfall from both the monsoon, in the months of May to July and October to December. The rain forest has become a popular tourist destination for its eco value, bird watching, research and for curiosity.

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Paradise for Eco Lovers
Sinharaja Forest has always been a paradise for eco lovers. It is the last remaining portion of the rain forest in the country. Its diversity of flora and fauna has attracted eco scientists. The forest is a treasure trove of endemic species, including trees, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and insects. Purple-faced Langur is the commonest larger animal found here. Deer species likesambhur, monk deer and barking deer are also found. Leopards are rarely sighted. Dense vegetation doesn't suit bigger animals like elephants.

Endemic Flora and Fauna
Rare endemic birds found in Sinharaja are the Red-faced Malkoha, the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, the Ashy-headed Barbbler, and the White - headed Starling and the Green billed Coucal. Approximate 60% of the trees are endemic, most of them rare. The forest is known for its endemic population of birds. Several species of butterflies live in the forest. Logging, game hunting and gem mining still pose threat to Sinharaja Forest.

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