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This section of Sri Lanka tourism provides information about country’s highlights including outstanding religious and cultural sites, memorable scenery, wildlife, art, cuisine, music, people, tea and spectacular festivals. Explore Sri Lanka’s pilgrimage sites, the soaring summit bears the revered impression of Buddha’s own footprint and offers the island’s most magical and enigmatic views. Blend of various type of people has ensured the evolving of an intriguing culture. Any visitor on Sri Lanka tourism would get solace in the tranquil surroundings of Buddhist monasteries.

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Sri Lanka Tourism
Culture in Sri Lanka is the gallery of diverse cultural patterns. Many of the cultural characteristics of Sri Lanka are indigenous while several have been derived by the influences of migration, trade, religions and western colonisation.

Sri Lanka Travel and Tourism
Sri Lanka tourism offers you a wonderful opportunity to taste the delicious cuisine of the country. The Sri Lankans are fond of hot and spicy food. All Lankan dishes are cooked on the base of coconut milk and flavored by liberal use of spices. The inhabitants of the country are also expert in preparing fish dishes and several juicy sweetmeats.

Sri Lanka Tourism
Indigenous conventions and influences of India and Europe have combined together to create the music in Sri Lanka. North and South Indian music traditions have influenced Sri Lankan music to great extent. The English also left their impact on Sri Lankan music.

Sri Lanka Travel and Tourism
Explore some of the best tea plantations in the world while on Sri Lanka tourism. Famous Ceylon Tea was brought to Sri Lanka by the British. Six prominent tea-producing regions in Sri Lanka are Galle, Ratnapura, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Dambulla and Uva.

Sri Lanka Tourism
Sri Lankan arts have continuously evolved during the course of history. Every art form such as dance, music, sculpture, paintings and architecture have seen development. Basis of Sri Lankan arts are the religious beliefs of people.

Sri Lanka Travel and Tourism
People of Sri Lanka celebrate their festivals with loads of enthusiasm. Grand festival of Esala, celebrated in Kandy in the month of July or August, symbolises Sri Lanka. Sinhala and Tamil New Year events are also celebrated with fervor.

Sri Lanka Tourism
Age old technique are applied for making handicrafts. Raw materials provided abundantly by nature are used for making handicrafts. Batiks, ebony and brass work are some of the handicrafts in Sri Lanka. Fine handicrafts are made using the hard kernel of black wood. These handicrafts make for a good buy during your tourism in Sri lanka.

Sri Lanka Travel and Tourism
Sinhalese and Tamils are two major ethnic groups of Sri Lanka. Muslims and Burghers are other groups. With religion as base followers of Buddhism form the largest community in Sri Lanka. Modern education in the country is not widespread.

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