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Temple of Tooth The Temple of Tooth is the destination of highest pedestal among the adherents of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It is the most sacred temple in the whole of Sri Lanka visited by hundreds of people everyday. The temple took nearly 100 years to build. The construction commenced in 1687 and finished in 1782. It is the grandest temple in Sri Lanka with an imposing pink-painted structure, encircled by a deep moat.

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Vadahitina Maligawa
'Vadahitina Maligawa' or the Tooth Relic shrine, located in the center of the courtyard, holds the tooth relic of Lord Buddha. The staircase leading to it is decked with moonstones, and carved floral designs. The shrine was refurbished by King Narendrasinghe in the 18th century. King Keerthi Sri is credited for the beautiful ivory carvings on the shrine.

Last monarch of Kandy built the 'Pattirippuwa' or the octagon. He used it to watch the Esala Perahera. These days the octagon is used as a libray. Palm leaves manuscripts and other exhibits are kept there.

The tooth relic arrived in Sri Lanka in the 4th century AD. A war in India led to its bringing in Sri Lanka. King Guhasiva was fearful that he might lose the battle as well as the tooth relic. For stopping the tooth falling into the hands of the enemy, he decided to send the tooth relic to Sri Lanka, a country of strong Buddhist traditions. Prince Dhantha and Princess Hemamala carried the tooth relic to Sri Lanka. As expected by King Guhasiva, the people of Sri Lanka held the Tooth with high regard.

Daily Rituals
Daily rituals are performed 3 times a day-at 4.30 a.m., 10.30 a.m and 6.30 p.m. respectively.

  • Shoes must be put off before entering.
  • You should be properly dressed.
  • You should be well-behaved inside the temple.

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