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Sri Lanka Travel FAQWhen to go?
Sri Lanka can be visited any time in the year. However the best time to tour the island is November to April. Peak season is December to mid January. The festival of Easter falls between March and April and the island becomes very colorful.

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Location of Beach Resorts
Most beach resorts in Sri Lanka are located in South-Western coastal area. They recieve monsoon rains from June to October. It is advisable to avoid this time while planning your tour itinerary.

GMT +6 hrs

Generally speaking tourists are safe in Sri Lanka. However it is advisable to travel with a compinion. Far north and eastern Sri Lanka has been suffering from confrontation between government forces and rebels. So it would be better if you keep distance from these areas. Take care of your personal things yourselves. Maintain a record of vital documents. If any paper is missing report the matter to the police immediately.

Main towns are good in health facilities. You can request your hotel to arrange a local doctor in an emergency. However in remote areas you should get information in advance about health facilities if you are suffering from any particular problem.

What to wear
Most of Sri Lanka has hot and humid climate. So light cotton clothes would be appropriate. However if you plan to go to the hills we would advise you to carry woolens as well as waterproof clothing. While visiting areas wear long sleeve shirts and trousers in evening. This would protect you against mosquitos. When visiting religious sites be careful to dress modestly. Leave your footwear outside before entering. Sun hat and sunglasses On beaches too you should not behave indecently. Sri Lankans appreciately decent behavriour.

Equipments for Activities
If you plan trekking go with suitable gear. If you wish to indulge in water sports take your own snorkel and diving equipment. You can get required gear from various agencies.

Cost of Tour
Compared to west food, accommodation and transport facilities are cheap. Budget travellers can have their these expenses withing $20 everyday. If you board in expensive hotels and hire cars for travelling you should do at around $50 a day.

How To Reach
All international flights in Sri Lanka arrive at the Bandaranayake International Airport, 35 km north of Colombo, and 6 km of Negombo. Several tour operators in Europe and the US offer holiday packages in the tourist season i.e. November to April.

Tea and coffee are two most popular drinks in Sri Lanka. Tender coconut 'milk' is also a refreshing option. All internationally branded and local drinks are also available. Imported wines are expensive. However local beer and spirits are widely available. As for drinking water Western visitors might find tap waters not upto their standards. Bettler to purchase bottled mineral water. However buy it from good departmental store for all bottled water is not mineral water.

Vegetarian food is less common in Sri Lanka. It might be difficult to find it in some places.

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