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This section of Tour to Sri Lanka provides information about crucial subjects such as embassies of Sri Lanka in other countries, foreign embassies in Sri Lanka, media, transport, travel agents association, travel FAQs and visa. All this information would be beneficial for you when you plan to visit this picturesque and cultural country located in the vast Indian Ocean. So avail here all necessary info on Sri Lanka travel and make your trip an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.

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Travel to Sri Lanka
Here is all information on embassies, consulates and high commissions of the government of Sri Lanka in foreign countries. Info is given in alphanbetical order countrywise so that you can easily reach the information you want. The nagivgation provided is easy and user-friendly. Information includes address, contact numbers, fax and e-mails of these embassies. So gather information here and make your travel planning here.

Tour to Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has kept pace with modern times and has all the wings of media like television, radio and newspapers. The country has both state-owned and private TV channels. Several radio channel operate on FM bands.

Travel to Sri Lanka
You would like to take the help of travel agents while planning to visit Sri Lanka. Here is information about Travel Agents Association of Sri Lanka known as TASSL. This body of travel agents came into being in 1974.

Tour to Sri Lanka
Get all information here related to visa. All rules and regulations related to tourist visa of Sri Lanka have been provided. Avail them and you would know how to get your visa in the least possible time. Just click here.

Travel to Sri Lanka
While you are in Sri Lanka you might sometimes need to contact foreign embassies in Sri Lanka. You could be in need of their guidance or help. We have diligently gathered information on foreign embassies in Sri Lanka.

Tour to Sri Lanka
Get informed how to reach Sri Lanka and how to move around there. One can reach Sri Lanka by air and sea. Not by land of course because it is an island. The country has internal modes of transport like trains, buses and taxis.

Travel to Sri Lanka
Here are Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs on Sri Lanka. Click here and we are sure that you would get the answers of most of your querries here. We have diligently tried to solve all your problems. Visit this page to remove your doubts.

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