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Village Life in Sri Lanka Village life in the countryside is fascinating and extremely sociable. The houses are provincial and each village tends to be inhabited by entire family generations. One can pass some relaxing days in Sri Lankan countryside to have some time off your hectic schedule. The time you have passed there would be highly productive for you. In this time you can recollect your abilities, reenergise yourself and return to your worktable completely rejuvenated.

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Curiosity About Foreign Visitors
Village folks are always curious about foreign visitors. Countriside families would be so keen to chat it is rare to walk for 10-20 minutes without an invitation for tea or dinner. You can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner with any village household. Eating simple village food in rustic surrounds has its own taste and you would surely enjoy it. During your countryside trips you can enjoy various aspects of village life. You can see their lifestyle in close quarters. You can feel their joy and sorrow. You can understand how hard they work to earn their livelihood. You would see several works associated with day-to-day works of village life such as fishing, wood carving, bakery, farming, coconut tree climbing etc.

Organising Village Tours
There are tour agencies in Sri Lanka which organise village tours for foreign visitors. You can contact them and ask them to organise such a tour for you or accommodate you in any such tour already scheduled. People of Sri Lanka are very hospitable are proud of their country and culture. You would highly enjoy experiencing their lifestyle and culture. You can take a stroll or cycle ride through these hamlets.

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