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Sri Lanka Waterfalls Sri Lanka has more than hundred major picturesque waterfalls all capable of arousing the aesthetic sensibility of the visitors. In addition to these there are so many minor ones. These waterfalls, which are the jewels of the nature, rejuvenate the onlookers. Sri Lanka has largest number of waterfalls in the world in comparison to its size. The falls are fed by two half-yearly monsoons.

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Bambarakande Falls
The tallest fall in Sri Lanka falls down 263m in amazing way. Located only four miles away from the Colombo-Bandarawela road in a forest glade it is well worth the trip although it is not visited often. Do remember that it is a wet season fall. It is in full glory from October to March.

Diyaluma Falls
Although it is 220 metres tall it is thought to be the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Originating from the Mahakande Pass in Koslanda, it cultivates water from the Poonagala Oya in the vicinity of Koslanda and Wellawaya. It spills over a straight rockwall. Its location is 6 miles from Koslanda and 13 miles from Wellaway. The locals opine that the fall was created by the god themselves.

Kirindi Oya Falls
The third largest waterfall in Sri Lanka thunders down 200 metres. While on way from Ratnapura to Pelmadulla you can see it. For reaching there move on to the Katupitiya road. Go along a footpath beyond the tea factory. Walking through wild grass and reeds, you can move close to the fall.

Bopath Falls
Bopath Falls, descending in the shape of Bo leaf in three cascades, is a 30 metres falls. It is along the Ratnapura road, on the Agalawatta crossroad. The Falls provides a spectacular sight. You are advised not to bath as the base of the waterfall as it could be dangerous because of flash floods. You can reach there after 3 hours drive from Colombo. It is a favourite picnic spot for the city dwellers.

Duvili Ella Fall
Duvili Ella can be said the most fantastic of Sri Lankan waterfalls. At Duvili Ella or Dust-like Waterfall, you can see misty cascade of droplets in a sheer veil of shimmering light. It falls from a broad rock 40 metres down in a haze of water. The journey to the fall is also very adventurous.

Ravana Ella Fall
The Fall, located in picturesque setting of tall mountains and undulating valleys, is linked by the locals with Ravana mythology. Aryan princess Sita is said to have bathed here while she was held captive by Ravana. . The water hurtles down and then snakes along. It is a wide fall and the water hurtles over several steps adding to beauty. It collects water from thick Wewatenna highland. The cave behind the Fall has mystic stories linked with it.

Baker's Falls
Baker's Falls, located in the Horton Plains, has its source of water in the Belihul Oya. The sunshine illuminates the icy waters. The scene is provided contrast by the mountainous terrain and deep valleys. Rare black monkey can also be seen here. The rhododendrons bloom around the fall.

Dunhinda Falls
Located in the Uva highlands, it chutes down in an impressive stream of water which vaporises as it falls. It is linked with the romantic episode of a Princess Manik Bandara who fled with her lover, a commonman. To escape the wrath of the king, they leapt from the top of this waterfall.

Waterfalls in Sri LankaBridal Falls
Curving highway to the Nuwara Eliya Plateau offers an unforgettable view of Bridal Falls. It resembles a bridal veil, while dropping over the rock face.

Ellatota Fall
Located near Bandarawela, Ellatota Fall is not very well known but very capable of refreshing you. The thrilling touch of icy water on you warm body would leave you exhilarated. Just hold your head to the thud of the waterfall and enjoy it.

Devil's Falls
The Devil's Falls is actually a thin trickle of water. It could have any old tale associated, hence the name.

St. Claire
The widest waterfall in Sri Lanka is about 265 feet high.

Origin of the Waterfalls
Geological formation of Sri Lanka is such that the central highlands are ringed by peneplains, plateaus and valleys. Large volume of water is sent cascading down the precipitous edges of the highland mass the the rainfall. Several peneplains have formed due to the upthrust millions of years ago. The highest one is more than 6000 ft. At the times of rain water gets accummulated in this region. It finds out ways to come down the mountain slopes through the waterfalls.

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